TAHLTAN Government led distribution model

In Community Engagement Sessions held by the Trust in past years, there was support for either a Tahltan Community Foundation or a Tahltan Government led delivery model. Delivery will start with the Tahltan Government led model and may evolve to the Tahltan Community Foundation over time.

The general delivery process will engage the Tahltan community to identify 3-5 year priorities. Delivery organizations that specialize in specific areas (e.g. health, education, language, land management, etc.) would then propose programs and budgets to address those priorities. The final delivery agents, which may include Tahltan Governments, would be approved by the Tahltan Governments, likely a committee. This delivery process is still under development and may evolve in accordance with the delivery principles listed below.

The Tahltan Governments would be responsible for ensuring reporting and accountability measures on delivery of the priorities, in turn reporting to the membership and the Trust.

Delivery Model Options

For more background on the delivery model options identified during engagement with the Tahltan community, please refer to:



engagement to
reset priorities


Experts in managing community programming


Membership reporting on benefits and deliverables


Maintain low administrative costs